We ask a lot of questions as designers. “Are standing desks actually useful?” “Is that neighborhood as convenient as it is trendy?” “Is that lamp practical or just decorative? Is it worth the cost?” “Does anyone even use this room, or is it wasted space?”  We’ve come up with a way to answer questions like these first hand. Say hi to our newest brainchild: SPACELAB.

With each iteration of SPACELAB, we’re taking on different neighborhoods, furniture configurations, lighting, branding and more with the intention of testing out the products, solutions, amenity usage, working styles and locations we recommend to our clients. With SPACELAB, we’re taking a hyper-local, experiential approach to our research, partnering with leading vendors to use the space as a testing grounds for the latest design trends. Designed for flexibility, SPACELAB is an interactive place to work, host design charrettes, after hours events, meetings and even a place for visiting clients to use on their own.

Detached from the more corporate environment of tvsdesign’s headquarters, it’s a creative space where our designers can focus on understanding the neighborhoods we build in, the furniture we work with, the environment around us and an authentic way to interact with the local community that we serve.

SPACELAB 2.0 is officially open at The MET in historic Adair Park.

680 Murphy Ave. SW
Suite 4237
Atlanta, GA 30310

Interested in partnering for our experiment? Let us know.

Lucy Stroup
lstroup@tvsdesign.com/ 404.946.6569

Jessica Robinson
Communications Manager
jrobinson@tvsdesign.com/ 404.946.6562

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Vice President, Marketing + Communications
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