TVS is the First to Achieve Both LEED and WELL Platinum Certification​

TVS is the First to Achieve
Both LEED and WELL Platinum Certification​

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Interest and adoption of a new streamlined pathway to LEED and WELL certification has been booming, and TVS recently became the first organization ever to achieve both. Our 33,000 square-foot new office in Atlanta secured LEED Platinum and WELL Certification at the Platinum level, the highest tiers for both certifications.

The dual achievement aligns with our firm’s belief that long-term gains in human health and a sustainable world rely on high performance design, as well as policies that drive thoughtful day-to-day strategies to support the health and well-being of the people inside the space. LEED and WELL, in combination, demonstrate leadership in both. As the design progressed, our team prioritized actions that had the best long-term impact for its people and the planet.

Our focus wasn’t necessarily to pursue points towards certification. Our focus was to do the best we could, given very challenging budgetary and time constraints, for our people and our world. When considering design options, we weighed them for their near- and long-term impact on our collective wellbeing – what solution would be the most equitable, provide the best environment to do our best work, use resources most effectively and sustainably? As we approached the

end of the project it became clear that, with a small push, we could meet the Platinum requirements for LEED and WELL. The new streamlined process made that possible and we strongly support this new approach.

We challenged ourselves to achieve both LEED and WELL certifications in a fluctuating construction climate knowing that our budget was incredibly tight. We wanted to demonstrate to ourselves and to our clients that unwavering commitment and innovative thinking would lead to lasting positive impact for our people and the planet. We are enormously proud of the results and are re-inspired to carry this message to our clients

TVS President Janet Simpson

While we’re still in the early days in the new space, we’ve already seen the impact of better acoustics, more communication about using our space, making good choices around food and hydration and the benefits of a great connection to the outdoors from our workspace.

For those who may see LEED and WELL as expensive and out of reach for some commercial projects, we’ve shown that good choices that are aligned with the right design goals make these results possible – whether they pursue certification or not.

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