So much more than stacks of living units.

Multifamily residential embodies the core of our firm’s expertise and design ideology, blending the way people work, relax and carry out their everyday lives. We work to design much more than apartments. We design community. Each of our multifamily projects bring together a wide variety of programmatic components at every... scope and scale—from inviting apartment units to state-of-the-art fitness facilities and cutting-edge business centers, these projects allow our diverse teams of designers and specialists to come together to deliver interesting and budget-conscious design solutions to each project. We engage the firm’s diverse, multi-market practice areas to bring honed perspectives to the variety of experiences found in today’s housing. This strategy is central to our ‘design to live’ approach, as apartment developments become much more than stacks of living units. Our team combines leading-edge concepts from the markets we serve into an easy, fun and straightforward resident experience.

TVS is the world’s leading convention center designer.

The multidisciplinary public assembly practice at TVS has a significant global footprint. Our projects are often the largest and most complex that a client or community will undertake, with more than 240,000,000 people interacting with our designs every year. We’ve designed landmark and important urban projects and places in large... and small cities alike throughout the world.

A new gameday experience that transforms fans into fanatics.

The sports practice at TVS dates to the early 1970s with design of the original Omni Coliseum. Today, these highly visible public venues accommodate large capacities often blending robust structural design, building systems, challenging construction schedules and budgets. We understand the need for functional, revenue-generating amenities, which appeal and are... affordable to a range of guests at a variety of events.

Campus. Authenticity. Community. Destination.

TVS creates experiences that complement and complete a city’s story, while engendering opportunities for success in all surrounding developments. Mixed-use projects have a social responsibility to advance the common good and happiness of a locale. Through placemaking, our mixed-use projects are unique and authentic participants in a city’s personality and... contribute to a sense of pride of place. The marriage of design with thoughtful development can envision a mix of uses and social programs that broaden sustainable opportunities for everyone in the community.

Comfortable. Remarkable. Experiential. Contextual.

A love of creating guest experiences influences our entire process and leads us to solutions that are compelling, surprising, and memorable. Each design solution is unique and crafted to fit its brand, location and the quality of our client’s aspirations. Purposeful, thoughtfully-crafted design is the gateway to cultivating bespoke, contextual... and remarkable experiences that inspire and impress. Through vigilant attention to every detail, we carefully curate authentic, culturally-relevant hospitality destinations that express an attitude uniquely personalized to time and place.

Investment in the Future

Whether designed for multiple and diverse tenants or for a specific client, the office environment fosters personal performance and encourages interaction and communication. TVS understands the mission to position an office property for ultimate success as a premier professional destination. High-performance office buildings are much more than a place to... work – today’s buildings are forward-thinking hubs offering an elevated tenant experience by fostering innovation, connection and collaboration. TVS understands that office buildings must be good neighbors that enhance the local environment and respect the urban context.

Culture driven and brand responsive, down to the smallest detail.

As designers committed to creating success for our clients, we make remarkable design easy. We listen first to immerse ourselves into your culture. We learn where you are now and where you plan to go. We develop solutions tailored to your business and designed to flex and change with you.... We deliver results with passion, tempered by good business sense and more than 50 years of technical excellence.

Transformative healthcare design imbued with empathy.

TVS brings specialists in everything from pediatrics to behavioral health, from surgery to emergency. We’re always learning and are driven by improving experience – from the design process experience to the patient, staff and visitor experience. Our team of experts design healthcare spaces and facilities that are flexible, adaptable and... provide a warm space for healing and care. As trusted design partners, we prioritize relationships and want our clients to enjoy working with us. Our approach is highly interactive and engaging.

The art of space.

Landmark Cultural Arts projects embrace the diverse ways we engage each other through performance, meeting, banquet, worship, preservation, display, story-telling, learning, interaction and entertainment. The architecture is required to host a broad menu of experiences for casual guests, family groups and after-hours event-goers. This need for flexibility reinforces the importance of carefully... intertwining open and inviting front-of-house spaces with discreet and efficient back-of-house spaces. We understand this balance is essential to support both an institution’s mission and its often challenging cultural business model. A landmark design is a transformational bespoke solution driven by place and culture, and a functional and flexible community forum for deepening in-person social engagement.

From classrooms to community, designing for learning and beyond.

We design spaces with the intention to inspire and encourage people to become the best they can be. An innovative and successful educational setting allows for life and learning to exist in a symbiotic relationship that aligns students, faculty and the overall goals of the institution. Respecting existing traditions, yet... understanding the need for adaptable and sustainable solutions, our team creates the context for memorable learning experiences. We believe in a holistic campus approach, realizing the potential of every aspect to nurture a climate for educational success by stimulating imaginations.

Shopping re-energized.

Today’s shopper is looking for more than just goods and services, fashion and convenience. They want memorable experiences, places that captivate and intrigue, places with emotion. Placemaking requires a holistic approach to design, the harmonious integration of architecture and interiors to create immersive and compelling environments.

A road map for community building and future innovation for decades to come.

TVS’s distinctive approach to masterplanning is grounded in a deep understanding of the building components that comprise a thriving community at a site, neighborhood or city scale. We have a profound respect for context, the environment and economic and social sustainability. These values and expertise drive our highly-collaborative approach and... deliver solutions that are innovative and resilient.

Revitalized office destinations that attract top-tier tenants

New developments create competition in the marketplace for office space. Over time, older properties lose their presence in the competitive landscape and tenants seek out the next best environment as their lease approaches term. Many of these properties, while still in prime locations, are great candidates to be revitalized, aesthetically... refreshed and modernized to regain a market advantage. TVS recognizes the deep potential for these properties and has assisted many developers in transforming their office buildings into dramatic and experiential facilities with  a fresh new appeal. Our approach is highly collaborative with our clients to assess the entirety of the property and identify opportunities for improvements. We comprehensively address the multiple experiences of arrival at the site and into the building, the public areas commons, lobbies, restrooms, elevators, retail, artwork, fitness centers and conference amenities. Our multidisciplinary design team provides holistic solutions that are carefully crafted to support the financial investments of the project. The results are extraordinarily transformative. Working together with our clients, we communicate with the real estate community to promote the new story and reestablish the property as a sought after destination for top-tier tenants.

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