How we got here.

Flashback to 1968—our founding fathers Bill Thompson, Tom Ventulett, and Ray Stainback had a vision of building an innovative practice rooted in good business, high design and technical capabilities. Each of the original Partners brought special talents to the table, taking great care to develop a standard of excellence for the firm and its people. The world looks a lot different than it did when tvsdesign first opened for business, but even after more than 50 years, the original vision is still going strong.

Our Commitment.

We share a common purpose to meet the challenges and responsibilities of being creators of the built environment with transformative creativity and unquenchable optimism by relentlessly pursuing solutions that promote health, sustainability and joy. We use the “Five I’s” as our guiding principle in everything we do:


Everything we do is to make a positive impact on people.


This much good stuff can’t be contained.


We go beyond collaboration, we are dedicated to seeking different perspectives and embracing the convergence of human-centric disciplines to create the built environment.


The built environment should be inspiring and so should the people that design it.


We succeed on purpose. We are purposeful about the things we do, why we care and what we want to achieve.

How we work.

Super-serving our clients is the best part of what we do. Trust is critical to us, and we work hard to earn it because we know that trust leads to a happier, more engaged client experience.

We work off a success formula:

Stellar client service + a responsive, holistic design approach= the tvsdesign secret sauce

Diverse teams.

We bring together a group of industry leaders, specially-tailored for each project.

Clients as a partner.

We work with our clients, each step of the way.

A simple, iterative process.

What’s Fresh: the tvs edit.