Covering 2013: The Latest Tile + Stone Trends

Hospitality has become one of the world’s fastest growing industries with travelers demanding first-rate facilities with an ever-expanding array of leisure amenities to entice them. Hotels are looking to design firms, such as tvsdesign, for designs that carefully integrate aesthetics with new technologies to craft environmentally responsible facilities that are both enticing to guests, and in collaboration with our clients core business objectives.

tvsdesign Hospitality Expert Foreman Rogers
tvsdesign Hospitality Expert Foreman Rogers

This week, our own Hospitality Expert Foreman Rogers‘ design is being featured at the Covering 2013 Tile + Stone Design event. Foreman‘s Hospitality/Lobby design is being constructed through the show and will have the final reveal tonight, May 1, at 4:30 pm.

Foreman, as well as the rest of our hospitality team are crazy about tile.

“We all know that the Italians are one of the best places to buy title,” says Foreman, “They have been making it for thousands of years but continuously give us new forms to inspire our designs. The Covering 2013 show commissioned me to install a Hospitality and Lobby showcase during the show”.

Foreman continues, “It is so important to really project a few years out what the trends will be so that you will still be current when the hotel opens. Hotels may not undergo a renovation or refreshing for maybe 10 years so you need to truly have your pulse on the future so that the hotel does not look dated when it opens.”

Gaylord Opryland
Gaylord Opryland

One of the exciting things about tile, particularly those with texture to it is that it is much more individualistic than marble. So, it makes the guest feel that they are not in a cookie-cutter hotel or restaurant but a much more upscale, unique place.

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