Blockbusters: 6 Films Set in tvsdesign Spaces

Our designers complete projects with the client and good design in mind, but sometimes that good design is appealing for some unexpected additional clients: the film industry.  In fact, tvsdesign spaces have appeared in more than 70 movies and TV shows in recent years. While it can sometimes be difficult to spot the space, we’ve isolated work in six different films that you may recognize.

Hunger Games (2012) The Knight Theater


The Knight Theater is part of a large urban cultural and business district development spearheaded by Wachovia Bank and developed by Childress-Klein Properties. This 1,150 seat multipurpose theater is designed for art groups such as the North Carolina Dance Company, Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestra, chamber music for the Charlotte Philharmonic Orchestra, touring shows and the occasional dystopian death competition press show.

Contagion (2011) CDC Building 19


As the virtual and physical portal for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to the world, the challenge in designing the Global Communications Center was to create a welcoming yet highly secured environment. Vital information is communicated from this site to more than 10,000 CDC employees, thousands of governmental units, and tens of thousands public health science professionals worldwide, making the center the singular architectural icon for the CDC. However, it will hopefully never have to tackle a deadly global pandemic and societal collapse like that of Contagion.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) McCormick Place West


tvsdesign principals Tom Ventulett and Jay Thomson were asked to develop conceptual plans for the expansion and renovation of McCormick Place, the nation’s largest convention center. With such a large space, it only makes sense that it be used for exploding machinery and battle scenes of major films. Further contributing to the public imagination, McCormick place also hosts thousands of pop culture enthusiasts and cosplayers at the annual Chicago C2E2.

The Blind Side (2009), Promenade Two


Promenade Two is an iconic midtown Atlanta office building designed by tvsdesign architects and also where the tvsdesign HQ is located. This scene from The Blind Side was filmed in the corridor on the 15th Street entrance.

The Last Song (2010) and Daddy’s Little Girls (2007), Georgia Aquarium



The films have two primary things in common: poor critical reviews and good shots of the Georgia Aquarium. Given Atlanta’s land locked address, the tvsdesign team focused on the importance of “immersion,” wrapping the guest into the underwater world from start to finish, coming face to face with some of the most incredible ocean creatures. The result? Immersive experiences that look cool on film.