Yaomin Xue: tvsdesign’s Asia Pacific Development Expert

Yaomin Xue 130_CMYKtvsdesign’s Asia Pacific Business Development Director, Yaomin Xue was recently published in CoreNet’s Leader Magazine to discuss being a liaison between Asia and United States cultures, as it applies to business, architecture and design.

Yaomin Xue stared his career with tvsdesign in 1999 as the Asia Pacific manager, where he began to spearhead the firm’s migration into the China market. Xue’s cultural and business expertise immediately provided more effective communication and efficient service with the firms’s clients in the Asia Market.

In his current role, Yaomin not only obtains and negotiates contracts, but also participates in the early stages of design to help the team fully understand the clients’s requirements and direction, and then serves as a liaison between the tvsdesign team and the Chinese local design institutes.

Soon after the firm began its’ China initiative, tvsdesign won several major commissions including:

As far as the futue, Xue feels that the work force in China will be more educated, more transparent and more global. Sustainability continues to be a focus, as well. “Here in China, just like everywhere else, sustainability and energy savings are always considerations in our projects,” says Xue, “and we use local materials and energy-saving solutions as the foundations for our designs”.

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