WELL Design Tips to Reduce Stress + Increase Productivity at Home


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Thanks to advances in technology, office desks have been interchanged with kitchen counters, video meetings have emancipated the complete reliance on face-to-face collaboration and our furthest commute is from the living room to the kitchen. As we’re learning new ways of working in this new normal, creating a home environment that’s conducive to our personal and professional well-being is more important than ever. These tips can help you increase productivity at home. 

WELL AP designer, Lucy Stroup, believes the built environment should contribute to our overall health and wellness. The WELL design framework focuses on the total well-being of a building’s inhabitants and reflects eight different standards: 

Air | Water | Nourishment | Fitness | Light | Comfort | Mind | Innovation 

A conference room on the ground floor with large windows and a woman walking past outside


Check out Lucy’s six tips on to integrate WELL principles into your home RIGHT NOW to help reduce stress and get things done!

Tip #1: Open windows and curtains to let natural light in. Not only does the fresh air circulating clean insidethe breeze has a calming effect as well.  

Interior of a multifamily residence with a view of a kitchen counter with bar stools and a view overlooking a city

Tip #2: Seeing wood grain can reduce stress levels – pull back rugs to expose hardwoods or add light wood tones to your space.  

Corporate interior lobby with a reception desk and a large wood installation behind it. People sitting at furniture in the lobby.

Tip #3: Listen to the birds outside and take frequent breaks for your eyes.  

A corporate campus with 2 large office buildings in front of a lake

Tip #4: Establish a routine and a schedule! It gives a feeling of control and helps reduce stress. 

A man sitting in a lobby with a laptop on his lap working

Tip #5: Put shoes on like a normal workday, even if it’s just to work out of a home office. 

Interior of a hip office with a breakout room filled with Converse shoes on the wall and bench seating. A woman and man talking.

Tip #6: Add plants – growing small things like this can improve your mood and reset your mind  

A man sitting on a stool at a table in a warehouse work space. He's on is phone.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of work-from-home dynamics, the importance of a well-designed space cannot be overstated. A harmonious blend of design and functionality can truly elevate our daily routines, reducing stress and boosting productivity. At TVS, we’re committed to crafting spaces that resonate with these principles, ensuring every corner serves a purpose and adds value. If you’ve been inspired by these insights and are keen to explore more, we invite you to dive deeper into our portfolio. Discover more of TVS’ innovative workplace projects and envision the transformative potential of design in your own space.