The Ultimate Retail Design Challenge – Mall Plaza Antofagasta

National Real Estate Investor discusses the ultimate challenge for the tvsdesign retail team: To transform a dark, single-level, column-filled parking space into an open fashion district at human scale.

The Retail Studio of tvsdesign and Mall Plaza have been strategic partners for over 17 years. With dozens of successful projects completed by tvsdesign, Mall Plaza knew their goals was threefold: how to adapt their brand to fit into such an unusual location, how to bring the outside indoors and how to develop a design language that spoke to high‐end shoppers.

“We made a conscious break from the traditional double‐loaded corridor of most malls to create a new more intimate shopping destination that connects the shopper both visually and physically to every store.” said Donna Childs, principal at tvsdesign.

Mall Plaza Antofagasta Aires