TVS’ Impact on Healthcare Architecture – Atlanta and Beyond

Transformative healthcare design imbued with empathy.

TVS is at the forefront of the healthcare architecture Atlanta has come to know for innovative, responsive and compassionate design. Our healthcare journey began with a vision to craft spaces that not only heal but also inspire, a vision that has since become a standard-bearer of Atlanta healthcare architects and interior designers. With diverse experience ranging from pediatrics to behavioral health and surgery to emergency care, we’re a practice that’s constantly evolving. We’re driven by the quest to enhance every experience, from the collaborative design process to the final patient, staff and visitor experience. Our team’s expertise lies in creating healthcare environments that aren’t just functional, but also imbued with flexibility and warmth, fostering spaces of healing and care.

architects sitting at a table in an office with a tv monitor at the end of the table
The TVS Healthcare team making the magic happen through collaboration

We’re currently working with nearly every major hospital group in Georgia, on projects ranging from a bed expansion at Piedmont Rockdale Hospital to remediation projects at Grady Hospital after a major flood damaged more than 200 patient rooms. Our adaptability and ability to tackle complex project work is particularly evident with the Grady flood damage project, which was done over multiple floors at the busiest level 1 trauma center in the state in only seven months, right as the COVID-19 pandemic was overtaking hospitals.

A nursing station with distinctive lighting inside a hospital
A newly renovated floor at Grady Hospital

As Grady’s Director of Facilities Tom Lemieux states, “I have put together many teams over the years and this one wins the prize for being the best. Thanks for being so committed to making the impossible happen. This was such a hard project and many times it would have been much easier to just say ‘NO’ or “we’ll get done when we get done” or any of the other contractor or design team excuses I have heard over the years.” As healthcare architects and interior designers, we take immense pride in helping our clients realize their vision, and by doing so having a positive impact on our community’s health.

An architect with mask and a man with a mask and hard hat standing in a hospital looking at a tablet
 Healthcare Director Niada Parker on site at Grady Hospital.


With the addition of our Tampa office, we’re now servicing the entire Florida market from a local outpost, bringing the same collaborative and client-centric driven approach to our work. As we continue to grow and learn, our commitment to improving healthcare experiences remains unwavering. Our approach is highly interactive, engaging clients and stakeholders as trusted design partners, ensuring that the journey is as rewarding as the destination.A group of healthcare architects atlanta standing a large table looking at materials

A few members of the TVS Healthcare studio checking out materials for an upcoming renovation project.Take a moment to explore some of our recent projects in the embedded brochure below. Our work is a reflection of our dedication to excellence and the strong relationships we’ve built, one project at a time. Discover how our adaptable, patient-centered designs are setting new standards in healthcare architecture and contributing to the well-being of communities we serve.

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