University of Tampa’s Sykes Chapel has won the 2013 CoD+A Award for it’s successful integration of commissioned art into interior and architectural spaces.P-00819-000-003

The CoD+A Awards strive to recognize the importance of collaboration, and honor the design and art professionals whose collective imaginations create the public and private spaces that inspire us.

The architecture and design of Sykes Chapel was meant to elicit spiritual, sensory and emotional responses by building users. The play of sunlight through skylights, stained art glass and light scattering prisms uplift the visual senses.

Q-00819-000-083The boldly designed glass windows in the contemporary meditation room and in all the hallway entry doors are the work of Guy Kemper, an internationally known U.S.-based glass artist. In describing his work, Kemper explains that “If students will set a moral compass and grow, the sky is the limit.

University of Tampa President, Ronald L. Vaughn, believed the holistic development of students would be enhanced by programs and a facility that helps students examine and reflect upon the kind of person they want to be and the purpose of their lives.

It’s difficult to understand the world and different cultures without an understanding of world religions,” Vaughn says. “Religion permeates U.S. history, almost every culture and the lives of billions of people, politics, and countless decision made throughout the world.

Throughout the design and construction process, tvsdesign conducted an incredible amount of research and paid thoughtful attention to detail to ensure the Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values will be a special place for generations to come.Q-00819-000-077

We used our global perspective to design the architecture of the Chapel Center    to express values of faith and spirituality common to all cultures,” said Robert R. Balke, principal with tvsdesign. “The Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values is a unique project for the University and we were honored to be part of the team that brought this from inspiration to reality.

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For more information on Guy Kemper, visit www.kemperstudio.comQ-00819-000-023