How Software Fundamentally Changed Design

tvsdesign’s Danielle Trost, Senior Associate, talked with Interior Design magazine to discuss how manipulating software resources lead to an efficient new way of designing custom carpet with a special interactive quality for the Music City Center in Nashville, TN. The new ballroom is a repeat pattern that’s 270 by 240 feet, something Trost says they have never done—or seen—before.

thumbs 49013 TVS Design ballroom patternAtlanta-based TVS Design was one of three architects hired t | Interior DesignAtlanta-based TVS Design was one of three architects hired to design Nashville’s 1.2-million-square-foot Music City Center , the stunning convention center that opened this May. Danielle Trost, senior associate interior designer, headed up the interior design, which included custom carpet inspired by music. “Music is in constant motion,” says Trost.

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