Construction continues on the Ningxia International Conference Center, located in the heart of the Yinchuan Yuehai Bay Central District of Business (CDB) Center.

The Conference Center will be the new home to the China-Arab National Economic Trade Forum held each year in Yinchuan.

Kevin concept sketch

The design concept is inspired by both Chinese and Arabic cultural elements. The primary feature is the use of the circle and the square. In both cultures, pure geometries have had significant influence throughout history.

In China, the ancient coin, for example, is a strong metaphor for harmony between heaven (the circle) and earth (the square).

In the Muslim culture, the combination of the circle and the square is called the Mandala Motif, and is recognized as the unifying intermediary between the material and the spiritual world.






“The architecture of the Ningxia Conference Center was inspired by ancient Chinese metaphors and strong Islamic artistic patterns, harmoniously merging elements of both cultures,” says tvsdesign Senior Project Architect Rob O’Keefe. “We designed the facility around a central outdoor courtyard, an element that becomes the nucleus of the center, where people will meet, share knowledge and develop new ideas.”

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