Bringing a New Retail Experience to Mohali, India

North-Country-Mall.002The North Country Mall is a mixed use retail prototype and the first of potentially 40 rollout malls in India, introducing a new shopping experience to the region and its’ culture.

“India lacks a strong ‘organized’ retail presence.  Estimated at more than $600 billion in 2010, retail in India is dominated by small retail stores that average less than 500 sq. ft. per store. B. Anantharaman, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
of Gumberg India, Gumberg Global’s India-based operating company

“Gumberg’s strategy is to develop about 20 regional and super regional malls across India over the next 6-7 years,” Anantharaman says. “Initial concentration is in top 12 markets with the greatest potential.”

The North Country Mall, now approximately 4 months away from opening, is rated one of the best upcoming malls in India, having attracted several high-end tenants to the shopping center. The mall is pre‐leased more than 80 percent of its 280 outlets to prominent international retailers.

North Country Mall Mohali
North Country Mall Mohali

“We wanted to re‐create the retail customer experience found in shopping centers across the United States,” say tvsdesign Retail Principal, Mark Carter. “We used current retail trend as distinctive and inviting storefronts, wide corridors, grand drop‐off points, an expansive central atrium and a truly welcoming atmosphere that will engage shoppers and retailers alike.”

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