Celebrating Atlanta’s Rich History and Vibrant Future

At every turn, Atlanta’s rich history is revealed through the Architecture and, Planning and Urban Design that grew this settlement into an international city.

The Georgia World Congress Center District began with the development of the Omni Arena, which was replaced by the Phillips Arena in 1999, the Omni International (now CNN Center) and the initial phase of the Georgia World Congress Center in the mid-1970s. Though it developed incrementally in subsequent years with additions to the World Congress Center and construction of the Georgia Dome, it was the 1996 Olympic Games that injected the energy and resources into the area to make it the exciting, active area it is now.

Beginning with the Omni International, the Omni Arena, and the initial Georgia World Congress Center building, over the past 40+ years, tvsdesign has been both planner and designer for most of the venues in the district. These facilities taken together represent more than 5 million square feet of enclosed space not including outdoor venues. The whole campus is in excess of 200 acres.

Planned and/or designed by tvsdesign:

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