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Photo: Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Whether we realize it or not, having convenient, tasty food spots nearby where you can meet with a client or grab a quick bite during a deadline is important, yet it’s something that’s not always considered when designing a new office space. Unless you’re brown-bagging it every day, knowing where to eat—what’s close, what’s fast, what’s good and what’s good to avoid can make all the difference in a positive workplace experience.

Scouting out the local fare has been high on our priority list when launching Spacelab V. 1.0, and we figure that eating our way through the neighborhood is as good of a way as any to get familiarized with the area.

In the first installment of our Sweet Auburn neighborhood guide, we detailed the historical context of the area, and in part 2,  we’ve put together a list of our top lunch-hour MVPs:

Condesa Coffee

Spacelab’s wonderful neighbor—great for a quick coffee or one of their grilled sandwiches, but we definitely recommend you make a special trip on a Thursday or Friday when they serve up crispy homemade waffles.

Arden’s Garden

On a health kick? Swing by another Spacelab neighbor for a pressed juice or raw, vitamin-packed snack.

Mango’s Caribbean Restaurant

If you like chicken, their lunch specials are stellar and will only run you about $7!


Any place that’s got cocktails, pasta and Italian-style sandwiches is A+ in our book.

Docent Coffee

Toasts, bowls and sandwiches—oh my! Don’t let the name fool you, Docent offers much more than coffee, and is always reliable for those times when you’re not sure if you want breakfast or lunch food.

Sweet Auburn Seafood

Get the shrimp and grits. Trust us.


Okay, this one’s not open for lunch—but they’ve got you covered for happy hour!

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

No list of Sweet Auburn eats would be complete without the Curb Market. From Vietnamese food to burritos, burgers, pastries and tea, you can find just about anything here. It’s the ultimate way to spend a lunch hour, and a crowd favorite amongst Spacelab-ers.