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TEDTalk: How Architectural Innovations Migrate Across Borders


In this TEDTalk, architect Teddy Cruz asks us to rethink urban development from the bottom up, with a fresh perspective on what we can learn from ‘places of scarcity’.

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Construction Update: Mall Plaza Egaña



Mall Plaza Egaña is one of four retail projects tvsdesign is creating for developer and mall operator, Mall Plaza, which will set a new standard for progressive and sophisticated retail in Chile.

Mall Plaza Egaña is surrounded by small scale, low‐rise urban residential buildings, single family home, and was designed to recapture the role of the community’s “central marketplace.” With careful placement of the various mixed-use components, the surrounding community was not only retained, but enhanced.

The new mall will feature:

  • 5-levels of shopping in a sustainable environment
  • Multiple levels of underground parking
  • Large rooftop terrace
  • Large Food Court with beautiful views to the cityscape and mountains

Below, recent construction photos show Mall Plaza’s vision becoming the most progressive shopping experience in Latin America.


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TEDTalk: Architecture at home in its community


In this TEDTalk, Xavier Vilalta shows how he champions an alternative approach: to harness nature, reference design tradition and create beautiful, modern, iconic buildings fit for a community.

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McCormick Place – Flexibility Meets Functionality


P-9601-000-009McCormick Place makes a powerful statement in the city at the heart of America as the nation’s largest convention and trade show facility. In what was once an under utilized district, the landmark today is a tremendous contributor to the architectural and economic vitality of Chicago.

tvsdesign and the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority collaborated to design and develop this master plan and its individual buildings in a way that allows the complex to function well for large events and, at the same time, can make use of separate components for simultaneous events. Overall the layout of the buildings and their exterior design respect, preserve and enhance the surrounding area while encouraging new development in areas such as the adjacent Motor Row district.P-9601-000-214

“The changes to both the hotel and McCormick Place, set for the fourth quarter of 2013 will allow us to radically reform and improve how we conduct our convention business in Chicago,” said Jim Reilly, trustee of the Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority. “Our present and future customers will be the biggest beneficiaries of these reforms in terms of cost‐savings and more flexibility.”

Want to know more about McCormick Place? Explore the links below, or visit tvsdesign.com:

McCormick Place Master Planning

McCormick Place Convention Center

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place


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Yaomin Xue: tvsdesign’s Asia Pacific Development Expert

Yaomin Xue 130_CMYK

Yaomin Xue 130_CMYKtvsdesign’s Asia Pacific Business Development Director, Yaomin Xue was recently published in CoreNet’s Leader Magazine to discuss being a liaison between Asia and United States cultures, as it applies to business, architecture and design.

Yaomin Xue stared his career with tvsdesign in 1999 as the Asia Pacific manager, where he began to spearhead the firm’s migration into the China market. Xue’s cultural and business expertise immediately provided more effective communication and efficient service with the firms’s clients in the Asia Market.

In his current role, Yaomin not only obtains and negotiates contracts, but also participates in the early stages of design to help the team fully understand the clients’s requirements and direction, and then serves as a liaison between the tvsdesign team and the Chinese local design institutes.

Soon after the firm began its’ China initiative, tvsdesign won several major commissions including:

As far as the futue, Xue feels that the work force in China will be more educated, more transparent and more global. Sustainability continues to be a focus, as well. “Here in China, just like everywhere else, sustainability and energy savings are always considerations in our projects,” says Xue, “and we use local materials and energy-saving solutions as the foundations for our designs”.

To read more about Yaomin and tvsdesign’s work in the Asia-Pacifc Market, please visit tvsdesign.com

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Emerging Trends in Mixed Use and Urban Development

aerotropolis atlanta master plan

The goals for Mixed-Use developments are constantly evolving, creating new trends in architectural, landscape and infrastructure design guidelines. As master planners and designers, we play an instrumental role in translating research and its subsequent recommendations into places / environments designed to serve business, commerce, retail, commercial and residential purposes.

Three emerging trends include:

  1. Sustainable Development: a strong sustainable development and urban place-making strategy that focuses on three elements:
      • carbon reduction/absorption
      • green construction technologies
      • water retention/recycling

        Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment

        Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment

    2.  A Focus on Community: Mixed-Use developments offer residents and tenants the ability to engage in cultural activities as an integral part of daily life. The modern mixed-use development offers a contemporary character, yet combined with traditional regional touches. This merger creates creates a holistic sense of place for the community.

    3. Walkability: This is an important aspect of any mixed-use development. Pedestrian links at the plaza level and sometimes below grade should be carefully designed to connect all of the retail, parking and commercial business zones. Districts will should be designed to maximize opportunities for walking and transit use through mixed-use and pedestrian-oriented planning.

    aerotropolis atlanta master plan

    Aerotropolis Atlanta Master Plan

    At the heart of every mixed-use project is the desire to create a great place – an environment that enables people to form communities that are active, iconic, valuable and sustainable.

    For more information on tvsdesign’s mixed-use services, click here, or visit tvsdesign.com

    Atlantic Station

    Atlantic Station