Although events are being canceled due to COVID-19, the sales teams are actively promoting and selling the space for 5-10 years in the future. What if these sales teams, plus venue managers and event planners could forge ahead with future events by experiencing a venue from the comfort of their computer screen?

VST by TVS is a turnkey tool that provides a virtual site visit with all the specs baked into the tour. With the capability to work with both fully-constructed spaces or renderings for unbuilt spaces, this tool includes detailed features like specs detailing max seating capacities, different layout styles and the ability to load in a photo gallery – it’s truly a one-stop-shop. TVS handles all of the little details, like photography and provides a finished product that’s ready use. Simply tell us the spaces needed, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Users become immersed in everything from entry queuing and concessions to performance spaces, concourses, ballrooms and even back of house with just a click of a button. Venue managers will be able to use VST to showcase their venues in a virtual space, and can be used by sales managers and Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVB) to sell spaces without having show managers come to town.

Event services teams can also use VST to plan events by showing clients ideas.  In the past, show managers would need to visit the venue or work off of past pictures and diagrams, but the VST platform allows clients to download room diagrams and specifications.

Imagine a customized walkthrough of a future event space that not only saves time and money, but helps market an event by instilling confidence that the space is fully equipped with everything necessary to bring it to life.

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