United Way Week Recap

Every year our company holds a fundraiser for the United Way of Greater Atlanta, and this year’s United Way Week was a huge success. Our Community Outreach committee meticulously organized a series of events to achieve our goal of raising $8,000. The theme of the week was based on the movie Grease, and the week’s events ranged from the Pep Rally to kick-start the fundraiser and daily Grease trivia to a volunteer lunch and Carnival Night.

tvsdesign employees were encouraged to donate and participate in a variety of ways. Many chose to pledge a portion of their paycheck or directly donated, while also participating in Carnival Night, buying raffle tickets for a free vacation day, a silent auction and this year’s addition to UW week, the Rivalry. For the Rivalry, we set out jars with the faces of company leadership on them. The goal of the Rivalry was to create a little competition among principals and our executive team. The two principals with the highest amount of money collected in the jars by the end of the week were asked to sing a duet together in front of the company. Congratulations to Rob O’Keefe and Teresa Edmisten for winning the competition!

Overall, the week was a great reason for our team to get together and contribute to work that is so essential to the Atlanta community. Within the week, we raised nearly $11,000 and beat our initial goal of $8,000. The United Way of Greater Atlanta does so many wonderful things for this community, and we’re thankful to have been a small part of that.