Gary MillerAssociate Principal


Gary has dedicated his career to designing and managing sports and entertainment projects for a wide variety of clients and project types, from practice facilities and endzone seating for some of the country’s leading universities, to stadium renovations and ground-up multipurpose arenas. While registered in both Georgia and Alabama, Gary’s 14 years of experience extends well beyond the Southeast and includes several international projects. He has been instrumental during all phases of the process end to end, from nurturing new client relationships to overseeing a vast network of teams through construction.

As a highly knowledgeable and technologically adept practitioner, Gary’s experience in establishing standards and workflows has benefited both his colleagues and overall project outcomes. Gary’s leadership and expertise in practice technology provide a framework for communicating and coordinating design intent into built reality. Gary approaches every project with enthusiasm and a collaborative, inquisitive mindset—constantly seeking new knowledge, perspectives and voices to learn from. His experience has informed his belief that the most successful projects are born from actively listening to a client’s vision and goals, and partnering with them to bring that vision to life.


  • Bachelor of Architecture, Auburn University 2005