In December 2019, a catastrophic flood caused by a ruptured 24” chilled water line left over 220 patient beds out of commission. tvsdesign was immediately engaged to provide design services on multiple remediation projects including the redesign of these three inpatient floors.

The floors which were last redesigned over 30 years ago and received over eight inches of standing water from the flood needed to be demolished entirely and brought up to code. Working with two construction partners, the team had seven months to have these spaces fully operational. To add another unprecedented layer of complexity, the COVID-19 swept through. The team maneuvered through the challenges of multiple partners, a compressed schedule and changing pandemic-era guidelines (not to mention increased bed need) to begin opening this project in early August 2020.

Meeting daily, in person and virtually, the design team was able to convey and coordinate the design to the contractors while being able to verify costs and critical path items that could derail the go live date. Delivering the project design-build, the team also used lean prioritization, expedited decision making and a 24-hour construction schedule to meet this expedited schedule. The project scope included intermediate care beds, medical surgical beds, newborn mother baby rooms and a nursery on the fourth through sixth floors. As part of the modernization priorities, the design team incorporated new Grady Health finish standards, which will continue to be incorporated into future bed tower renovations including:

• Each floor features one finish color scheme, which is was instrumental in improving wayfinding, signage and branding. This standard will be incorporated in future tower work.

• Accent lighting selected to provide warmth and comfort is used at staff stations help create focal points in the long corridors and the lighting in the nursery.

• Interior material finishes were selected for seamless joints, maintainability, and durability. These include corridor wall protection systems, solid surface shower panels, solid surface integrated sink and counters in the patient room and restroom.

• Selection and integration of laminates, hard surfaces finishes • Location and placement of owner-purchased furniture.

• The new patient rooms feature a modular headwall product and millwork infill panels, creating a seamless, modern, and welcoming patient environment.