Architectural Products Deems Scottish Rite Headquarters ‘The New Gothic’

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Architectural Products magazine chose the new Scottish Rite Cathedral Headquarters for their August ‘Project Deconstruction’ feature story.

The award-winning new 62,000 sq. ft. facility provides a unique representation of timeless ‘journey’, celebrating the organization’s history. Welcoming and uplifting spaces convey the strength and mystery of traditions, while transcending the image and symbolism into the future.

This was truly a collaborative relationship through the design/build process. “This design was inspired by our clients.” says Marc Adleman, Principal at tvsdesign, “We wanted them to inspire us to interpret their vision”.



Design Challenges:

  • Provide a timeless design celebrating the organization’s history
  • Create welcoming and uplifting spaces conveying the strength and mystery of traditions
  • Create operational clarity through the interior progression

Innovative Solutions:

  • Masonic symbols are interpreted and referenced at multiple scales to tell the story of Free Masonry and the Scottish Rite through the  forms of the building and interior space; the circulation organized around the Grand Hall; the architectural detailing and materials selections.
  • The “Jewel Box” quality of the building is created by clear, low-E glass, minimizing the buildings visual impact, promoting openness, and modernizing historic elements of the design.

Big Ideas designed to the smallest detail. The historic spirit of Freemasonry is celebrated in every aspect of this timeless project.

Read the article from Architectural Products:

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