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Naturally Designed: First look of Sealed Air’s new Charlotte campus


Sealed Air’s new state-of-the-art global corporate headquarters is now open in Charlotte. (more…)

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Auburn University Mell Classroom construction on track for fall completion

Auburn University Mell Classroom Building

Auburn University officials and members of the media were given a guided tour Tuesday of the Mell Classroom building that is set to be open for the fall semester.

The building, which is more than 60 percent complete, will be a 69,000-square-foot addition to the existing Ralph Brown Draughon Library. An additional 38,000 feet is being repurposed and renovated inside the library, according to Auburn University’s website.

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University of Georgia’s New Science Learning Center


The new learning center allows UGA’s science students more opportunities for interactive learning.

ATLANTA (September 15, 2016) – Atlanta-based architecture and interior design firm tvsdesign is joining with the University of Georgia (UGA) to celebrate the complete construction of the Science Learning Center. UGA tapped tvsdesign and HDR, Inc. to design the 122,500 sf facility that is the epicenter of scientific learning on campus. (more…)

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Atlanta United FC hires tvsdesign to plan Marietta headquarters


“The guiding theme for this facility is to imagine more,” design principal Rob O’Keefe said in a prepared statement. “We wanted to design a state-of-the-art smart building that reflects core values of the rising, tech-savvy and environmentally-focused fan base. Atlanta United’s home base needs to suit a wide variety of needs — from those of the players and the employees behind the team to fans and community members. Our firm brings a depth of experience to this complex design, and we’re excited to create a training facility that embodies the essence of Atlanta United’s brand and culture.”

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Three Must-See Features of the College Football Hall of Fame


A sit-down with the tvsdesign architect behind the landmark

Here in the South, there’s nothing quite as revered and reveled in as college football. From the season’s opening weekend to bowl game time, thousands of fans across the country are firing up the grill, decking out in their team’s gear and watching the big game with family and friends. For many college football fans, it’s a community experience that we look forward to each Autumn.

The newest Atlanta landmark, College Football Hall of Fame, pays homage to the legacy and tradition of college football and certainly inspires the nostalgia that accompanies a love of the Good Game. Within its first year of opening, the Hall of Fame has seen enormous success, welcoming visitors from all across the country through its doors and hosting countless events on its indoor football field. It’s a truly unique space, built to convert from day play time to black tie at night. With so much to see and do in this space, the best authority on the must-see spots would be the Man with the Plan (or project architect) Kevin Gordon, one of our principals at tvsdesign. I recently sat down with him to talk about his three favorite site features: the building entrance, Game Day Theatre and the indoor football field.

The Entrance

When guests first walk through the doors of the College Football Hall of Fame, they enter the facility to the sounds and site of a team of football players digitally running their way into the building alongside them.  Visitors are immediately immersed in the college football experience, especially after registering your Fan Pass (ticket) at the end of the entrance tunnel. The impressive helmet wall, with the helmets of every college football team represented, is programmed to light up with your team’s helmet after registering your Fan Pass. “The RFID technology located in each Fan Pass signals to the screens and exhibits around you, displaying your team when you’re near. It is a custom experience for each visitor, no matter where they’re from, and it’s a really welcoming feature and has been widely embraced by Hall of Fame visitors,” said Gordon. The RFID chip technology located in the Fan Pass is responsive throughout the facility. Screens and exhibits will light up with your team’s highlights as well as using it as a scavenger hunt-type tracker for earning points and learning trivia throughout the space.

Game Day Theatre


The 140-seat Game Day Theatre at College Football Hall of Fame is no ordinary theatre. Guests are treated to an ultra-high definition experience while watching the film “The Game of Your Life” as narrated by former college football players and coaches. “The film is great on its own, but the extreme horizontal viewing lends itself to the experience of viewing it, making the movie highly immersive.  We wanted visitors to feel like they’re on the field with the players on the screen, hearing the sounds of the sport and the roar of the crowd. We’re really proud of the technology that went into making the theatre such an immersive experience,” said Gordon.  ESPN hosted an exclusive screening of their five-part series Snoop & Son: A Dad’s Dream at the Game Day Theatre, which was attended by Snoop Dogg.

The Football Field


The 45-yard indoor football field is the most interactive attraction at the Hall of Fame. Visitors can run classic drills on the field with staff just like their favorite players. But when the Hall of Fame closes to visitors for the day, it’s frequently opening its doors again hours later to host events on the field. “We designed a meeting and event venue that happens to also have a major daytime function,” said Gordon. “The indoor football field is meant to easily transform into a banquet space.” The Hall of Fame has hosted over 250 corporate, civic and private events with a guest count of anywhere from 150 to 3,500 attendees.

At tvsdesign, we’re proud to call College Football Hall of Fame one of our own. It’s an immersive experience that exhibits the history and legacy of a beloved sport. We hope that you’ll feel inspired to make a visit to this Atlanta landmark. Congratulations on a year of great success, College Football Hall of Fame!

For more information on the College Football Hall of Fame, visit their website here.

Learn more about the process of designing and building the Hall of Fame.

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The Media and the Message: New GRP Media Headquarters


For GRP Media, a Chicago-based media planning and buying agency, having an office space that supports a variety of work styles to keep employees happy and productive and to attract new talent is essential. They needed an environment that allowed for quiet, focused work and extra places to support coming together to learn, socialize and teach. tvsdesign was brought in to listen to its needs and re-imagine a space that could enhance its business and maximize real estate investment.

Much of the existing conditions in the new lease space were transformed into a highly functional workplace with colorful design additions, carefully selected lighting and a variety of closed and open meeting spaces, including the bright café area with views of the towering skyline along the Chicago River and the bustling activity on the Magnificent Mile.

Inspiration for the new design came in the form of media content—words, symbols, shapes, photos and graphics that are the fabric of GRP Media’s work. Work stations and offices are positioned in a way that is approachable without being distracting, allowing employees to accomplish more without feeling isolated. The new headquarters are a place that is a medium for outstanding productivity and a visual representation of its brand and culture.

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Construction Update: Ningxia Conference Center

Cover copy


Construction continues on the Ningxia International Conference Center, located in the heart of the Yinchuan Yuehai Bay Central District of Business (CDB) Center.

The Conference Center will be the new home to the China-Arab National Economic Trade Forum held each year in Yinchuan.

Kevin concept sketch

The design concept is inspired by both Chinese and Arabic cultural elements. The primary feature is the use of the circle and the square. In both cultures, pure geometries have had significant influence throughout history.

In China, the ancient coin, for example, is a strong metaphor for harmony between heaven (the circle) and earth (the square).

In the Muslim culture, the combination of the circle and the square is called the Mandala Motif, and is recognized as the unifying intermediary between the material and the spiritual world.






“The architecture of the Ningxia Conference Center was inspired by ancient Chinese metaphors and strong Islamic artistic patterns, harmoniously merging elements of both cultures,” says tvsdesign Senior Project Architect Rob O’Keefe. “We designed the facility around a central outdoor courtyard, an element that becomes the nucleus of the center, where people will meet, share knowledge and develop new ideas.”

Click here to read more about the Ningxia International Conference Center, or visit

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Architectural Products Deems Scottish Rite Headquarters ‘The New Gothic’


Property of TVS, Inc.

Architectural Products magazine chose the new Scottish Rite Cathedral Headquarters for their August ‘Project Deconstruction’ feature story.

The award-winning new 62,000 sq. ft. facility provides a unique representation of timeless ‘journey’, celebrating the organization’s history. Welcoming and uplifting spaces convey the strength and mystery of traditions, while transcending the image and symbolism into the future.

This was truly a collaborative relationship through the design/build process. “This design was inspired by our clients.” says Marc Adleman, Principal at tvsdesign, “We wanted them to inspire us to interpret their vision”.



Design Challenges:

  • Provide a timeless design celebrating the organization’s history
  • Create welcoming and uplifting spaces conveying the strength and mystery of traditions
  • Create operational clarity through the interior progression

Innovative Solutions:

  • Masonic symbols are interpreted and referenced at multiple scales to tell the story of Free Masonry and the Scottish Rite through the  forms of the building and interior space; the circulation organized around the Grand Hall; the architectural detailing and materials selections.
  • The “Jewel Box” quality of the building is created by clear, low-E glass, minimizing the buildings visual impact, promoting openness, and modernizing historic elements of the design.

Big Ideas designed to the smallest detail. The historic spirit of Freemasonry is celebrated in every aspect of this timeless project.

Read the article from Architectural Products:

Click here for more information on the Scottish Rite Cathedral Headquarters, or visit