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As the world's leading convention center design architects, we understand that a large civic project is often the most significant investment a community will make. Over 240,000,000 people interact with our designs every year. This is a great responsibility that energizes our approach to transformative projects which enrich, uplift and inspire the human spirit.

tvsdesign re-invented the convention center, focusing on emerging trends in bringing people together in both business and civic life. Through this focus, we have designed four of the top five convention centers in North America and three of the most important centers in China. Our projects re-envision what a convention center looks like, how it works and what market it serves -- all with public works budgets and challenging schedules.

Our unique expertise creates an environment that will instill a sense of pride and touch the lives of everyone in the community. Making memorable spaces with unique value is at the forefront of our vision from conception to completion of each convention centre project.

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Robert Svedberg Speaks at 2014 IEDC Annual Conference

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Robert Svedberg will be speaking at the 2014 IEDC (International Economic Development Council) Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas on October 22, 2014. With the calendar now marking almost five years since the worst of the Great Recession, what is the current outlook for new sports stadiums, convention centers, performing arts venues, and other major public projects? After a lull in these large projects during the economic downturn and with public budgets still in a state of flux, are communities ready to invest again in big-time entertainment venues? How has the public financing landscape changed, and how will the results of major projects be judged differently going forward? Svedberg's seminar will focus on the future investment prospects for stadiums and other large venues, with a focus on what it means for economic developers in communities where these projects may still be on the agenda. 

Svedberg will discuss

• Insight into the current landscape for major public venues such as stadiums, convention centers, and more 
• The different ways in which communities are seeking to finance such projects going forward 
• How to make sure that the construction of a new event venue creates real economic benefits for citizens across the economic spectrum 

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