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What are you doing today?

We’re getting together as a firm to give back to our community.

We believe that the work we do, day in and day out, for clients helps to shape a better world. We pulled together for ourselves and our community to help three social assistance organizations in the Atlanta area.

tvsdesign team shares their experiences:

"It is amazing how something as small as changing the paint color in a space not only energizes the space but also the people in that space. Watching the Africa’s Children’s Fund program manager, Caroline’s excitement after we finished was worth all the hours spent painting base trim." - Amanda Gersten, Practice Professional

"It's such a blessing that we were able to take a moment to come together and assemble snack packs for the Atlanta Children's Shelter! The bag designs were quite amazing, and even some people who couldn't step away from their desks (due to deadline) assisted with writing inspirational messages to go inside. Amazing team work all around!" - Hollie Poole, Project Accountant

This year's Apathy Antidote activities included:

  1. Snack Packs for Atlanta Children’s Shelter
    • The Atlanta Children’s Shelter provides free, quality day care, emotional support, an educational curriculum for homeless children, and focused social services for their families. They have helped over 5,000 families and 8,000 kids since they were first established in 1986. Dedication to helping families overcome the issues that contribute to homelessness, including domestic violence and job loss, the Atlanta Children's Shelter focuses on the long term self sufficiency of the family – which sets them apart from other Atlanta homeless shelters.
    • Details: tvsdesign will assemble snack bags for children at the Atlanta Children’s Shelter - nutritious on the inside, potential for creativity on the outside.
  2. MedShare
    • MedShare is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving healthcare and the environment through the recovery and redistribution of the surplus of medical supplies and equipment to those most in need. They work in the U.S. and abroad.
    • Details: tvsdesign will sort surplus medical supplies so that they can be shipped to countries in need.
  3. Africa’s Children’s Fund
    • The mission of Africa's Children's Fund is to assist under-served children and their families in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa to improve the quality of their lives and civic contribution through educational, supportive services, nutritional and medical programs. 
    • Details: tvsdesign will give their office an interior makeover - plan, paint, organize, and maximize potential.

Community Outreach Calendar:

Next month, we will be participating in Canstruction which is hosted by the Society for Design Administration, American Institute of Architects benefitting the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Our entry has a football theme this year. We will be taking a whimsical approach and will draw on our recent experience with the College Football Hall of Fame, New Atlanta Stadium, and the original Georgia Dome.

If you are a football fan, have a DIY-CAN-DO attitude, or just want to help the Atlanta Community Food Bank, please click here to learn more and contribute to this effort to raise awareness. All contributions find their way into the hands of people who need help through much needed nutritious food.

What are you doing? What is your Apathy Antidote?