Workplace Interiors


Office interior design serves not only to attract and retain top talent but to promote the organization to perspective clients as it becomes the storyteller to distinguish them from their competition. Forward looking companies recognize the value of an office layout as a tool to effect positive change in their organization's overall performance.

Through a highly collaborative and responsive design process of investigation into the unique attributes of an organization, tvsdesign can develop an overall workplace strategy and design solution that can optimize our client's real estate investments while minimizing their risk exposure.

The interior design style of an office workspace should become a three dimensional expression of your brand and culture.

Meet the Experts

  • Lindsey Kious
    Lindsey Kious
    Senior Associate
  • Gary M. Hicks
    Gary M. Hicks
    Senior Associate
  • Eunhye K. Lee
    Eunhye K. Lee
    Senior Associate
  • Steven Clem
    Steven Clem
    Principal, FAIA ASID IIDA
  • Elizabeth J. Levine
    Elizabeth J. Levine
    Associate Principal, ASID LEED® AP
  • Caterina Hutchinson
    Caterina Hutchinson
    Senior Associate
  • Marc K. Adelman
    Marc K. Adelman
    Principal, AIA CFM CCS