Vein Clinics of America, Atlanta, GA

Our healthcare studio brings a vast wealth of experience and passion to designing hospitals and medical environments with a flexible and efficient approach to architecture, interiors and medical planning. 

Together, we create state-of-the-art healing environments. 

Meet the Experts

  • Trish Adelman
    Trish Adelman
    Director of Healthcare - Interiors, IIDA, EDAC
  • Bonnie Kisielowski
    Bonnie Kisielowski
    Senior Associate
  • Douglas E. Finck
    Douglas E. Finck
    Director of Healthcare - Architecture, AIA
  • Timothy M. Gregg
    Timothy M. Gregg
    Director of Healthcare - Planning, AIA, ACHA
  • Caterina Hutchinson
    Caterina Hutchinson
    Senior Associate